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Wednesday, October 25

The elements

I have travelled four corners of the world now in my quest for the ritual of the elements. I have been burned by the fire elementals of Burning Steppes. I have been drowned by the water elementals in the coast of Feralas. I have been pounded by heavy earth elementals of Silithus. I have suffocated and struck by lightnings of air elementals of Hillsbrad Foothills. I have looked death in the eyes in the dark dungeons of Stratholme. And I have faced the wrath of nature in the crater of Un'Goro.

And I have carved the essences of the elementals from their dead corpses. Fire and water, earth and air, death and life - the primal forces of the universe. The essence of creation. The aspects of The Goddess herself.

With six essences in my backbag I returned to the Shrine of Aessina to ponder what I have learned. One by one I offered the essences to Aessina, sacrificed what I had gathered to learn more of the elements that bind the world together.

And I've found out that the nature of the elements is survival. The elements bind the worlds of chaos and balance together, they live in both worlds. The ritual of elements combines the chaos and the balance.

We can ask the blessing of The Goddess to tip the scales of balance for our benefit. But doing so we must understand that anything can and will happen, our destiny is not in the hands of The Goddess alone. There is only one thing certain in chaos - that everything constantly changes.

The ritual of the elements is performed to pray that the changes will be to our benefit.

Saturday, September 2

The ritual of elements

Now I am ready, miss Tiili!

After long meditation I now know what I must do.

Three days ago Moonwarden Stormwind summoned me to the shrine. She had a task in mind for me. Something I didn't quite grasp at first. We sat and meditated at the shrine and I got a vision - from Aessina.

Restoring the rituals of the old is an important task to The Wardens. Tiili touched my inner insecurities and showed me I must find something called "The ritual of elements". The wind whispered to me that I must gather the essences of fire, wind, earth, water, life and death - the essences of all creation. And the search of these ingredients will reveal the ritual to me.

I couldn't leave immediately. I had to prepare. I concentrated on the vision I got. That of the lightwell. And now I know what I must do. Where to begin.

With light in my heart, I now travel to the volcano in Un'Goro - where the mightiest of fire elementals roam.

I thank you, miss Tiili, wherever you are.

It is time to bind the essence of fire!

Friday, November 18

Oh, drudgery...

I do wish Nelmeena was here. I've been talking with a dozen of priests and I've read hundreds of old writings... yet I still have found out nothing about the ritual Nelmeena mentioned.

I do pray that the girl is safe.

Wednesday, November 16

A disturbing call from a friend

I am quite exhausted from all the travelling I have done yet again. I got an urgent message from my friend Nelmeena yesterday. She wanted me to meet her in a tavern in Old Town of Stormwind. She gave no explanation whatsoever, yet I understood from the tone of her message that it was important.

Old Town, it's not my favourite part of Stormwind, but when a friend calls... And I was in the city already, so I went.

Had I known what waited me, I would have probably not gone.

I have met my share of evil spirits and ancient ghosts in the past, but never have I seen a person being possessed by one. Had I not gone there, and seen it with my very own eyes, I would not have believed it.

Poor child was such a mess...

One minute she was running around, the next minute she was lying on the floor after bursting with energy... This evil spirit was feeding on her life.

Nelmeena had thought that my knowledge of ancient elven rituals would have helped her to free the girl from the evil spirit. I was sad to let her down, for I have never seen or heard of such.

Which brings me to Auberdine. Nelmeena, now she is a strongwilled one, thought that some knowledge of the ritual might be found in The Temple of The Moon. I doubt that, and I even said that out loud. The temple wasn't built that long time ago, and much ancient knowledge was destroyed when our home was defiled during the war.

I fear that The Temple can't help us, and I believe we must travel to old ruins of elven civilization. The ruins in Azshara might be of help... The druids of Moonglade, maybe...

I just pray that whatever we find, we find it in time. The possessed girl may not have long to live.