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Saturday, September 2

The ritual of elements

Now I am ready, miss Tiili!

After long meditation I now know what I must do.

Three days ago Moonwarden Stormwind summoned me to the shrine. She had a task in mind for me. Something I didn't quite grasp at first. We sat and meditated at the shrine and I got a vision - from Aessina.

Restoring the rituals of the old is an important task to The Wardens. Tiili touched my inner insecurities and showed me I must find something called "The ritual of elements". The wind whispered to me that I must gather the essences of fire, wind, earth, water, life and death - the essences of all creation. And the search of these ingredients will reveal the ritual to me.

I couldn't leave immediately. I had to prepare. I concentrated on the vision I got. That of the lightwell. And now I know what I must do. Where to begin.

With light in my heart, I now travel to the volcano in Un'Goro - where the mightiest of fire elementals roam.

I thank you, miss Tiili, wherever you are.

It is time to bind the essence of fire!

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