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Wednesday, August 23

Goodbye, my friend!

Goodbye Iani, may the gods and goddesses have more mercy on you in death than they did in life!

I am not proud of what I did. But when my dagger slit through you , when the holy fire shooting from the skies burned the last of your remaining flesh, I saw you were actually happy. Your eyes smiled for a brief moment before... before the remainder of your un-life flickered away.

I know you would have done the same to me. A service from an old friend to an old friend.

After the disruption of our soul-link that almost killed me I had been searching all over for you. As more and more time passed, I got to the point of desperation where I enlisted your wife and her demonic minions to my aid. Lady Kier took me to catacombs under Stormwind where the warlocks reside. The warlocks and their demonspawn friends seanced you - and we found you... in Undercity.

I travelled there and patrolled the gate of the city for days. I waited and waited and waited for you to come out. Hoping of course that you'd be in one piece and not a prisoner of the undead. Prisons have never kept you in that long, now have they?

I was horrified... terrified... apalled of what I saw when I first saw you. The Plague - the undead disease - had taken over, turned you into an abomination, forced you to live a life of not living in the cursed Forsaken city.

It seems the undead - that you were rescued from all those months ago in Kalimdor - finally got the last laugh. I saved you from death by entering death and dragging your soul to the land of living, I gave you a piece of me so you could live, and ...

I am sorry. I am so sorry.

Had I known then what your fate was going to be, I would've left you dead then, all those months ago.

And when I finally saw you, three days ago, in silvery moonlight, under the watchful eye of Elune, the remainder of your rotting flesh... I saw the way you looked at me when you recognized me in the shadows. I saw the pain and shame in your eyes, of what you had become. And the moment when your life left your body, I saw joy, purity, and redemption in your eyes.

I wish ... No. I pray that you forgive...

I had no choice. You knew that as well as I did. This time I did not strike from behind, from the shadows, like that time in Ironforge. This time there was no soul-link left. Whatever had become of you, my friend, it didn't have a piece of me anymore.

One can bury the dead, but not all the dead remain in the grave. That's why I did what I did. When the last streak of holy fire shot from the skies, it engulfed your corpse in fire. I watched it burn. And I watched it burn, untill all that remained was ashes.

Iani Ravenmoor, wherever you are now, I hope you're happy. I hope you're in peace. And I pray that you forgive me for all that has happened.

Goodbye, my friend!

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