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Tuesday, January 16

Goodbye Azeroth!

This is it then.

The Dark Portal is open and I'm standing in front of it. Masses of Alliance Heroes and hordes of Horde warriors are pouring in. And soon... so am I.

This is what my dreams have been trying to tell me. This is THE adventure.

Goodbye Azeroth!

Wednesday, January 10

The Dark Portal is open

The world is finally coming to and end, I fear.

I was right about the calm. The calm before the storm. The thunder has struck in Blasted Lands. The demons are pouring out of The Dark Portal.

The Argent Dawn tries to fight back. Even the bravest of Alliance and Horde stand in front of the gate taking the impact of the pouring felforce.

But if it's truly The Burning Legion that is coming out, we don't stand a chance. Not after everything... We barely survived the last time. And we lost so much... Too much... I'm not writing a swan song yet, not before we actually know what the impact of the opening is.

But I have never been afraid like this.

Thursday, December 28

New Year's Resolutions

The humans live such short lives that they actually count their time in years. Maybe it's the knowledge of death looming above their heads, but they also have beautiful rituals at the turn of the year. They often reflect the year that has ended and make promises for the year to come. Promises of starting a better life. Resolutions.

Not that anyone ever keeps them, I've been told. But the humans actually do believe that they are going to keep them.

I was thinking I should do the same. I might regret making promises, but I can always do what the humans do and forget about them.

My resolutions for the year to come:

1) I will finally find out the fate of my sister. Where is she now? What has happened to her? Why hasn't she contacted me in weeks?

2) I will go on adventure. I've been laying low in Stormwind for too long now. My blood is pulling me towards glorious questing.

3) I will update my diary more frequently. I was browsing through what I had been doing this year, and I was almost surprised that I have missed several good moments in life. I shall carry my journal with me at all times, so I can keep it updated.

4) I will keep in touch with old friends more. I haven't seen Drakahn, Faek, Dippledop, Breglock, Celethan, Maragios, Rogn, Patti, Arrenjo, or many of the folks in White Rose for such a long while.

And last but certainly not least...

5) I will go on a date. I have been glooming over my non-existent lovelife for so long time now. I refuse to believe that everyone I care about suffers the fate of Iani or Belen. I don't even remember what a kiss feels like - let alone the gentle touch of skin against skin.

I guess this is enough for one year...

Friday, December 22

Winter's Veil

Dear friends, old and new, wherever you are!

It has truly been great honor to fight by your side this year. And not only fight, I have shared many memorable moments with you also out of battlefield. My heart does fill with pride and joy from just the sheer knowledge that I have friends and allies such as yourselves.

Remember your loved ones now, tell and show them how much you care. I fear that after this season of giving, after the turn of the year, the tides of time will turn. And not everything will be good. The signs of that are surrounding us even as I write this.

But now, indeed it is not a time to gloat and gloom. It's time for cookies and eggnog, time to rest and relax, to share and love.

You all are truly a blessing!

Tuesday, December 12

I was wrong? Maybe?

I am confused. Very confused. I thought I had discovered what the draenei are about. Demons in disguise. I travelled to Chillwind Camp in Plaguelands to let the blue monsters know that I am on to their little secret.

I wasn't quite prepared to what happened.

The blue one told me he's in Plaguelands to learn about the history of Uther. Uther Lightbringer? The hero of Alliance? The holy Knight of Silver Hand? He even wanted me to escort him as he made a pilgrimage to Uther's Tomb.

On our way to the tomb he kindly answered my questions about his race. He told me about The Light and how their fortress crashlanded near Teldrassil. And what happened in Uther's Tomb left me no doubt that at least this individual is indeed a creature of Light and not darkness.

So no wonder I'm all confused now. I do remember the demons from my dream. I remember the pain and the flames and the torture. I was so sure that these are the very same creatures. But now I doubt myself.